Get Guaranteed Results with UV Pool Sanitation

Nurture your Pool Water with Ultraviolet Light

SpectraLight nurtures your pool water back to health with ultraviolet light. But lower chemicals are just the beginning. UV pool sanitation is like pressing the reset button, so your pool can be its best. UV is the non-chemical technology used by New York City to purify drinking water. The results are equally impressive in swimming pools. You'll enjoy a pool that is safe, healthy, and a lot easier to manage.

Reinvent.  Rid Your Pool of Harsh Chemicals.

We are finding out that less is more when it comes to pool chemicals. Credible scientific studies tell us that chemical levels are way too high resulting in an increased risk of allergies, asthma, and disease. Ultraviolet lets you sleep better an night. UV does the heavy lifting by eliminating 99.5% of pool pathogens. The result? You'll need about 90% less chemicals.

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Release.  Destroy Chlorine By-products with
UV Pool Sanitation

UV pool sanitation breaks the vicious cycle of chemicals once and for all. Ultraviolet light energy unlinks chloramines through a complicated chemical chain reaction.  Scientific studies reveal that treating pool water with chemicals creates dangerous chemicals called disinfection by-products. These chemicals are bad news for our health. UV safely eliminates toxic disinfection by-products, helping you to protect what’s important.

Rescue.  Destroy over 99.5% of Pool Pathogens

UV pool sanitation destroys over 99.5% of pool pathogens with a powerful, precision engineered ultraviolet ray. UV is a continuous, reliable, proactive method of disinfecting pool water. SpectraLight is fast and efficient - destroying bacteria, algae, and viruses within two seconds after passing through the chamber and UV works equally well in hot or cold climates.

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Restore. Enjoy Pool Water Clarity You Have to
See to Believe

If you watched the swimming events during the Beijing Olympics, you were probably wondering how they achieved such an impressive level of water clarity. You could literally see underwater clear across a very large 100 meter pool. The secret? UV pool sanitation. UV nurtures pool water with a powerful UV light ray, restoring your pool water to what it was meant to be.

Relax.  Simplify Pool Maintenance for an Easier
to Manage Pool

It's no surprise that the typical pool store has over a dozen chemicals for treating swimming pool water. But with UV pool sanitation on the job, you won't need a lot of chemicals. In fact, SpectraLight eliminates the need to purchase expensive specialty chemicals like algaecide. With fewer chemicals to disrupt water chemistry, pH balance is easy. You'll spend less time adjusting and more time enjoying. SpectraLight represents a huge step forward in swimming pool sanitation and disinfection technology.

Renew.  Protect our Environment

We've been hearing about going green at home for years, now it's your pool's turn. Your pool is one of over 8 million pools in the US alone. UV pool sanitation is a trademark of the most socially responsible swimming pools.

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Reward.  Save Money in More than One Way

It's no surprise that dramatically lowering your pool chemicals will save you a big chunk of change. But the savings don't end there. SpectraLight pool sanitation also extends the live of almost all of your other pool equipment.

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Pool Chemicals

5x Worse Than 2nd Hand Smoke

"About 80% of new water parks and aquatic facilities feature ultraviolet."

National Swimming Pool Foundation
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You can save up to 90% on your annual pool operating cost just by switching to Ultraviolet Technolgy

Spectralight Ultraviolet

Compare SpectraLight to Other Technologies

There are a number of alternatives for swimming pool sanitation. Compare UV to chlorine, ozone, ionization and other technologies here.

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