Dolphins Make Conditions Safer for our Navy

The United States Navy has selected SpectraLight UV as the provider for Ultraviolet (UV) sanitation systems. SpectraLight was chosen for its combination of ultraviolet power output and efficiency. SpectraLight's line of ultraviolet systems are a good fit with the military's efforts to increase the use of renewable and green technologies.

About the US Navy Marine Mammal Program

The U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program (NMMP) trains marine mammals such as Bottlenose Dolphins to perform tasks such as ship and harbor protection, mine detection and clearance, and equipment recovery. Classified until the early 1990’s, the program is based in San Diego, California, where animals are housed and trained year around. The U.S. Navy has found that the biological sonar of dolphins, called echolocation, makes them uniquely effective at locating targets such as expensive equipment and potentially dangerous sea mines so they can be avoided, removed, or recovered. Marine mammal teams have been deployed for use in combat zones during the Vietnam War and the Iraq War.

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SpectraLight Ultraviolet Has a New, Important Job

The US Navy takes great pride in providing the finest possible care to its marine mammals. The cornerstone of the dolphin pool water quality program is ultraviolet (UV) sanitation. SpectraLight has been deployed to maintain a healthy environment in the marine mammal pool by eliminating bacteria and other waterborne pathogens.

The Trust and Confidence of the US Navy

"The U.S. Navy's selection of SpectraLight UV represents a historic milestone for our company and it is an honor to serve and fulfill the U.S. Navy's ultraviolet system needs," said Dan Lee, Vice President of SpectraLight UV. Lee continued, "SpectraLight has been chosen by many high profile organizations in the past, but our selection by the US Navy makes everyone at our company especially proud.  It doesn’t get any better than having the trust and confidence of the US Navy placed with your organization.”

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Why Chlorine is Not an Option

The use of chlorine would present serious problems for the dolphins. Exposure to chlorine and chloramines would have a negative effect on health, much like in humans. Chlorine may interfere with dolphin pheromones used for social communications. Use of chlorine may bleach the dolphin’s skin, and lead to eye problems, skin sloughing, and respiratory irritations. Ultraviolet technology allows for a healthy, safe, chemical free habitat, just the way nature intended.