Ultraviolet Pools to Salt Water Pools

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Ultraviolet (UV) Pool Systems

Find out how thousands of pool owners are dramatically reducing the need for chemicals with a cleaner, safer, greener technology approved by the World Health Organization and recommended by the CDC.Learn more

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Salt Water Pools

Although salt water pools require the same chlorine levels found in traditional pools, pool owners no longer have to purchase and transport chlorine. That's because it's manufactured right in their backyard. Learn more

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Chlorine Free Pools

The wait is over. We finally have the technology to create a completely chlorine free pool. But you may be surprised to learn that a tiny amount of chlorine may be the best option for a cleaner, safer and greener pool.

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chemical free

Chemical Free Pools

Are chemical free pools too good to be true? Some companies are manufacturing equipment that claims to magically eliminate the need for all chlorine and chemicals. Find out why these products are being banned.

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pool ionizer

Pool Ionizers

Some companies are marketing pool ionziers as chemical free pool systems. But studies show that they don't live up to their claims. The Australian Government takes action against these products.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Pools

This powerful oxidizer can be used with an ultraviolet system to completely eliminate chlorine in a pool or spa. But is there an even easier way to maintain a cleaner, safer, and greener pool or spa?

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pool automation

Pool Pumps

You may be surprised that you can save $800 or even a $1,000 dollars each year on your utility bill by upgrading your pool pump. That's because more than 90% of pool pumps are improperly sized for their circulation system.

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pool test kit

Pool Test Kits

Don't fall for the test kits sold at big retailers. They're missing critical items, leaving pool owners perplexed, and struggling to control their pool water.

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Pool Automation

Put your pool on autopilot with new automation systems that can test and adjust water chemistry once every minute, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

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