Reduce Chlorine & Chemicals, Take Control

Shift Away from Pool Chemicals for a Safer Pool

Reduce Pool Chemicals with UV and Enjoy a Healthier Pool

In most pools, chlorine or some other chemical is expected to do all the work. But with SpectraLight on the job, UV replaces chemicals as the primary disinfection system. First, UV destroys the organic matter and pathogens found in pools. Second, UV does the heavy lifting so chemicals can be reduced by 80 - 90%. As a result, chlorine levels can be lowered to those found in tap water - to just 0.5 ppm. That’s only one chlorine drop for every 26 gallons of water. When it comes to swimming pool chlorine, less is more.

Enjoy Less Chemicals, Protect What's Important

The overall result is a cleaner, healthier environment without the unpleasant side effects of chlorine and chemicals. SpectraLight frees swimmers from the burning eyes, skin irritations, foul chemical odors, bleached hair, and chlorine allergies. SpectraLight UV is embraced by organizations that demand the ultimate water quality without the side effects of pool chemicals. This is precisely why UV has been called the most significant pool industry breakthrough in the last 50 years.


Less Chemicals, Healthier Pool

Spectralight Ultraviolet

Compare SpectraLight to Other Technologies

There are a number of alternatives for swimming pool sanitation. Compare UV to chlorine, ozone, ionization and other technologies here.

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