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Featured: Ultra Energy Efficient EcoPump

Pool pumps commonly use as much electricity as a home A/C system - $200 dollars a month isn't uncommon. But our new, ultra-efficient EcoPump can lower utility bills and save up to 85% more energy than older pumps.

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Featured Product EcoPump Ultra Efficiency Energy Star Pool Pump
dolphin premier

Dolphin Premier Robotic
Pool Cleaner

It's the best Dolphin Pool cleaner ever made. Highly efficient DC motors and an ingenious Multi-Media filtration system deliver an exceptional user experience while reducing energy use up to 87%.

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leaf pump

EcoFilter Ultra-Efficient Pool Filter

EcoFilter maximizes fluidization of the media bed with 100% more diffusers and laterals than traditional filters, working in harmony to reduce backpressure and energy use up to 43%!

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leaf pump

Leaf Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Our state-of-the-art, variable speed pool pump features an industry proven 3-phase motor and variable-frequency drive (VFD). Adhering to best practices, it’s placed miles ahead of the competition. Now with best-in-class 3 year warranty.

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pool automation

Pool Automation - Advanced Pool Controllers

Pool Automation can put any pool on autopilot. Imagine a system so advanced that it checks your water chemistry every minute, and makes adjustments by adding the right amount of solution.

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chlorine generator

Chlorine Generators

Chlorine Generators are one way to add chlorine to pool water. The benefit is not purchasing chlorine in stores. Combine with an ultraviolet system for ultra-low chlorine levels and safer pool water.

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spectralight presenation brochure

Professional Grade Pool Test Kits

A professional grade test kit for your pool or spa is one of the smartest ways to achieve better water quality. Most test kits are missing critical tests such as free chlorine and cyanuric acid, leading to chemical waste and poor water quality.

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