Compare UV to Salt Chlorine Generators, Pool Ionizers and Pool Ozone

Get the Facts Quickly

The world's leading experts applaude ultraviolet pool disinfection. The World Health Organization said UV allows for 0.5 or lower free chlorine levels. The Professional Pool Operators of America said UV is "extremely effective" and is "the strongest oxidizer available to pool operators". Here we compare ultraviolet to other technologies. The best available technology is clear.

  Ultraviolet (UV) Pools & Spa Systems Salt Water Pools/ Chlorine Generator without UV Pool Ozone Generator Traditional Chlorine Program without UV Pool Ionizer
Causes Dangerous Chemical By-products   Yes   Yes  
Strongest Oxidizer Available Per Professional Pool Operators Of America        
Allows for Lower Free Chlorine of 0.5 ppm According to WHO        
Inactivates Giardia Cysts & Cryptosporidium OocystsPer World Health Organization
Recommended by Centers for Disease Control Per Aquatics International  
Used in Commercial Pools and Spas  
Reduces Toxic Chloramines & Disinfection By-products In Pools and Spas  
Potential air pollutant   Yes
Unpleasant Odor Common   Yes   Yes  
Difficult to Startup, Calibrate, & Maintain   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Total Cost of Use Lowest Available Moderate to High Moderate to High Moderate Moderate to High
Known to Damage Pool Surfaces and Pool Equipment   Yes      
Banned by Australian Government for Use on Swimming Pools & Spas         Yes