Hard Working UV Saves Money in More than One Way

While It's Not Really About the Money, You'll be Glad to Hear...

SpectraLight nurtures your pool water with ultraviolet light. Lower chemicals are just the beginning. With traditional chemical sanitation, your pool equipment and pool surfaces are all exposed to harsh chemicials. SpectraLight extends the life of pool equipment and pool surfaces by breaking the cycle of chemicals.

How Much can I Save with UV Pool Disinfection?

Your savings will depend on a number of factors, but many SpectraLight users report saving over $400. per year in chemicals. The savings realized will depend on a number of factors. SpectraLight owners maximize their savings by closely following SpectraLight recommendations for pH balance and cyuranic acid levels, and keeping the pool relatively free of leaves and debris.

Ultraviolet is Good for all of Your Pool Equipment

Chlorine and chlorine by-products cause premature wear on all of your pool system components. With pure water flowing through your pool systems, your pump, filter, heater, and pool surfaces will all last longer. Upgrade to UV and safeguard all of your pool equipment from the effects of harsh chemcials.

Operating your UV System is Like an Ordinary Light Bulb

In today’s economy, upgrading to UV makes more sense than ever.  UV pool treatment provides a significant reduction in annual operating costs – up to a 90% reduction on residential pools and a  50 – 70% reduction on commercial pools.  That's because SpectraLight provides instantaneous water disinfection every time the water passes through SpectraLight, all for the cost of operating a light bulb. Now that's a smart approach to pool sanitation.

ultraviolet pool lamp

Harness the Power of UV Light

"About 80% of new water parks and aquatic facilities feature ultraviolet."

National Swimming Pool Foundation
Spectralight Ultraviolet

Compare SpectraLight to Other Technologies

There are a number of alternatives for swimming pool sanitation. Compare UV to chlorine, ozone, ionization and other technologies here.

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