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The testimonials in the video and below reflect some of the real people that SpectraLight has been lucky enough to work with. They are candid and largely unedited comments. If you would like to share your own experience, please send us a note or video. To learn more about spectralight products, watch the SpectraLight Video!

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"I was home in St Lucia last week and had the most wonderful, healthy
swim ever in my swimming pool thanks to Spectralight. The pool looks gorgeous
and all is working well. Our only problem ahead is the worst drought St Lucia has ever known - Caribbean wide in fact - but hopefully the rains will come soon Mother Nature willing, though she seems mad as hell lately and who can blame her. Thanks again for all the advice and help re the pool. I'm so glad I went with your product.

Val from St. Lucia and Calgary

"What a great swimming pool you gave me...
Thank you!"

Val from St. Lucia and Calgary

What are the Experts Saying About UV?

World Health Organization Logo

"Lower free chlorine concentrations (.5 mg/l) may be health protective when UV is used."

World Health Organization

Professional Pool Operators of America Logo

"UV systems are the strongest oxidizers available to pool operators."

Professional Pool Operators of America

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"Ideally, UV disinfection would be the gold standard and we'll move
toward that."

Davis Country Health Department

"I am still amazed at the simplicity of caring for my pool."

"I am still amazed and pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of caring for my pool (yes you can quote me) since I purchased the SpectraLight UV filtration system. I make an effort to bring up your product anytime I am in a pool discussion. I think I even have one of the local pool maintenance companies a bit interested in the product.

Thanks again for a great product. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon."

Lynn in The Woodlands (Houston)

"Chloramine Levels Dropped Dramatically...It really Does Work"

"We contacted SpectraLight and had a great offer...we got the unit at a good price relative to some of the other commercial products we looked at. It only took a couple of days before the chloramine levels dropped dramatically. It really does work. "

"You Gotta Install this System. It's the Only Thing That Helped."

"It was night and was a totally different gotta install this's the only thing that helped after everything we tried to do...we haven't had any problems with the kids and the pool."

Geoff Scheuer, Swim Coach

"I am very happy with my UV light! "

"I am very happy with my UV light! I keep only 2 of the 3" chlorine tablets in my skimmer basket and my pool is staying clean and clear. Before we got a pool I did a lot of reading about it. We ended up buying a fiberglass pool, a Hayward 2 speed pump, a UV light, and a Polaris pool cleaner. I run my pump all the time on low speed. Every morning I get up and put the Polaris in, it runs off our pump, and sweep down the walls of the pool. I've only had to add something to raise the ph a few times after we have had some heavy rain. I did put some chlorine stabilizer in there once, but decided that really was not necessary. I am so glad I went against everybody else's advice and bought your product. I will send you some pictures soon. "

Gail from Georgia

"I Would Highly Recommend the Systems"

"I would highly recommend the system. Within two or three days we could notice an apprciable difference in the amount of burning in their eyes... It was a very dramatic change... It was very quick..."

Bill Kane, Competition Officiator