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Are Pool Chemicals Safe?

Recent Scientific Studies Have Exposed Dangers of Pool Chemicals

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Exposed Dangers of Chemicals

We swim in pools because they're safe, right? Not so fast. New studies reveal that your swimming pool may turn out to be the most dangerous water around. Researchers have compared the risks of some chemicals to second-hand smoke. During typical chemical disinfection, chlorine and other chemicals react with organic matter to form hundreds of new chemicals that have been linked to asthma, allergies, and even cancer. There is good news though. New technologies are making our pools safer than ever before.

"The impact of pool chemicals to our children is five times greater than second hand smoke."

- Dr.Alfred Bernard

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A Fierce Debate

It's probably no surprise that chemical retailers often recommend a dizzying number of chemicals for swimming pools. What you may not know is that those recommendations may be harming you, your family and anyone who swims in your pool. We've been hearing about going green for years, but just recently researchers and toxicologists began studying the side-effects of pool chemicals. There is already an abundance of credible studies that have found serious problems in the way most pools are disinfected.

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Three Scientific Studies that are Shaking up the Pool Industry

Studies have revealed that pool chemicals and their by-products (some chemicals combine to form new chemicals) cause burning eyes, skin irritation, allergies, asthma and higher rates of cancer. In the last few years, we've seen convincing and credible studies from respected research facilities. And these studies have revealed just how dangerous pool chemicals really are. Learn more about the growing evidence on pool chemicals.

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Scientific Studies
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Risks of Swimming in Pool Chemicals

Swimming in pool chemicals and the hundreds of disinfection by-products have been linked to a bewildering number of health conditions. All chemically disinfected pools are at risk, including salt water pools.

Risks of Pool Chemicals

How Could This Happen?

For decades, pool owners have been told they need a plethora of chemicals to maintain decent water quality. Often the recommended levels of chemicals were untested and unsubstantiated. This has left many wondering who should be regulating the pool chemical industry.

Pool Chemical Regulations

How Can we Make Pools Safe?

The solution is proven and simple. Ultraviolet light. SpectraLight is designed to safely eliminate dangerous chlorine by-products, helping us to protect what’s important. By harnessing the raw power of ultraviolet light, UV technology dramatically lowers the need for chlorine and eliminates chlorine by-products for a cleaner, safer, and easier to manage swimming pool or spa. UV has been installed on thousands of pools and has become the “gold standard” at major aquatic centers. UV was displayed to the world when it was selected to protect swimmers at the games in Beijing. Now UV can help you protect what’s important.

How to Protect Your Pool

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Compare SpectraLight to other technologies

There are a number of alternatives for swimming pool sanitation. Compare UV to chlorine, ozone, ionization and other technologies here.

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