Hot Tub or Spa Ultraviolet (UV) Installation

Shift Away from Hot Tub Chemicals for a Safer Hot Tub

SpectraLight Ultraviolet Hot Tub Systems harness the power of ultraviolet light to lower chemical levels and eliminate chlorine by-products, to make hot tubs and spas safe, healthy, and easy to manage.

hot tub spa uv system

Works with all Hot Tubs and Spas

SpectraLight spa sterilizers effortlessly connect to your spas existing plumbing. Any plumber or handyman can install in about 30 minutes.

UV works all spa hot tub systems

Set It, Forget It, and Sleep Secure

SpectraLight UV spa systems require little maintenance and use the same power as an ordinary light bulb. Just set it, forget it, and sleep secure knowing your hot tub is protected by the power of SpectraLight Ultraviolet.

night pool uv working

SpectraLight is Safe

SpectraLight is 100% safe. UV light cannot pass through the graphite housing. Ultraviolet has no risk of overdose, and it produces no toxic by-products that are common with chemical disinfection. Ultraviolet disinfection is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for the disinfection of drinking water.

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Spectralight Ultraviolet

Compare SpectraLight to Other Technologies

There are a number of alternatives for swimming pool sanitation. Compare UV to chlorine, ozone, ionization and other technologies here.

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