How Could so Many be Wrong about Pool Chemicals?

Recent Scientific Studies Have Exposed Dangers of Pool Chemicals

That’s a great question. Although a few chemicals in pools are regulated, most of the chemicals found in pools are not subject to health or safety regulations and can legally be present in any amount. Additionally, the states do not have public health guidelines for over 90% the disinfection by-products. While state regulations of public pools would not directly affect private swimming pools, the resulting research and body of knowledge that would result from stricter public pool regulation would benefit all pools. Based on the , SpectraLight believes that state regulators of pool water quality should do an in-depth assessment of swimming pool water quality in order to protect the public interest. We need a unified state level effort to establish new safety standards, set priorities for prevention, and inform the public about the full range of toxins that may be present in swimming pool water. With education, use of ultraviolet disinfection will increase. That’s because ultraviolet is the best available technology to control the side-effects of chlorine and other chemicals. When ultraviolet disinfection is deployed for primary disinfection, swimming pools become a much safer place for our families, friends, and the environment.

Pool Chemicals

5x Worse Than 2nd Hand Smoke