Pool Pump Rebates

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Green Your Pool Pump

Get up to $500. from the government for energy efficient upgrades to your swimming pool, such as energy efficient pool pumps and UV systems. California and Arizona are leading the way with generous rebates for pool owners who take steps to eliminate one of the largest consumers of power in the entire home. And today's energy efficient pumps offer many advantages.

A New Pool Pump Could Save you $600. - $1,000. per year

Many power companies and some states offer rebates to customers who purchase energy efficient pool equipment. If you purchase energy efficient equipment you may be eligible for one of these rebates. Contact us, today, and we'll help you determine which rebate you qualify for.

Pool Pump Rebates Help with Equipment Upgrades

The Energy Efficient Pool Program is the government's new rebate program for energy efficient home improvement, including swimming pool equipment upgrades. No one makes it easier to receive your incentive, recycle your old equipment and save on new pool equipment. SpectraLight can provide you with the information you will need to take advantage of this unique program (not available in all areas).

Thousands of Dollars in Pool Pump Rebates Currently Available

Contact us today, and we'll help you determine which rebates you qualify for.

An Energy Efficient Pool Pump Rebate is Only One Reason

There are many reasons to update your pool pump. First, you can save 80 - 90% on your utility bill. Second, the new generation of pumps are quieter and last much longer. Finally, since new pumps are much more inexpensive to operate, you can run your pump longer (sometimes 24 hours) for improved water quality. Energy-efficient pump rebates are just one reason to upgrade today.

You could save up to 90% over traditional pool pumps and improve water quality with longer filtration.