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Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

Choose from top models from the top brands.

Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

Choose from top models from the top brands.

Intelliflo Pumps

Variable Rate Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Intelliflo pumps take a new approach to saving energy. Lets face it, pool pumps haven't exactly participated in the green movement. Traditional pool pumps have been power hungry, with some requiring up to 2,000 watts. Their motor speeds were fixed. So it didn't matter if you were vacuuming the pool or just circulating the water, the flow was the same. But it turns out that running a pump slower is much better for your pocketbook. There's no need for an overpowering the task at hand and wasting energy. Old style pumps are notorious energy hogs that cost hundreds— often more than $1,000—per year to operate. In fact, in some areas of the country, laws are being passed to prevent future purchases of these “old school” pumps. IntelliFlo pumps, by contrast, are sensationally energy efficient. It’s the first to use permanent magnet motor technology.

intelliflo pump

Intelliflo Pump Features

  • Permanent magnet motors
  • One of the quitest pumps available
  • Enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) design
  • Very low stress and wear on components
  • Produces less heat and vibration
  • Built-in diagnostics protect from overheating, freezing, and voltage spikes
  • One-year warranty

How Much Can Intelliflo Pumps Save?

Standard pool pumps can consume as much energy as all other home appliances combined —often costing more than $1,000 per year. IntelliFlo variable speed pumps typically cut energy costs up to 85%. Intelliflo pumps generally save between $620. and $1,200 in utility costs annually—more where rates are higher than average. IntelliFlo operates at an average of just 1/6th of a horsepower, using about 200 watts of energy. Exclusive, variable speed capability builds potential savings up to 85%. The result is dramatically lower electricity expense—typically saving hundreds per year. The secret to cutting power consumption is to reduce pump speed. Intelliflo pumps exploit a fundamental pump law. The law of pool pumps states that a reduction in pump speed by half will reduce energy use to 1/8 of what it was before. The objective is to run your pump at a speed that allows all the water to flow through your filter and ultraviolet disinfection systems once every 24 hours. Although not required, a slower, constant water flow is ideal for SpectraLight UV sterilizers.

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With Intelliflo Pumps, Slower is Better

Intelliflow pumps exploit a fundamental law. The surprising secret to minimizing pump energy costs is to operate at the lowest flow rate needed to accomplish a job. It takes far less energy to move water slowly than quickly. Why? Because there’s lower resistance in the filter, accessories and plumbing system. Even though a pump will work longer at a lower flow rate, this is far more efficient. In fact, reducing pump motor speed by half actually reduces the power needed to one-eighth of what’s consumed at the higher speed. A good analogy is your car: you get much better gas mileage at 30 mph than at 90 mph. The same is true with pool pumps—run slower for efficiency (and many other good reasons, too). Intelliflo pumps move water only as quickly as needed for the job.

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