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  • Dolphin Cayman Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • Dolphin Cayman Wall Climbing
  • Dolphin Cayman Oversized Filter Basket
  • Dolphin Cayman Power Supply
  • Dolphin Cayman 2 Year Warranty
  • Dolphin Cayman SmartNav
  • Dolphin Cayman Motors
  • Dolphin Cayman Tracks
  • Dolphin Cayman Scrubbing Brushes
  • Dolphin Cayman Filter Cleaning
  • Dolphin Cayman Lifestyle 1
  • Dolphin Cayman Lifestyle 2
  • Dolphin Cayman Lifestyle 3
  • Dolphin Cayman Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Cayman

Condition: New

  • Scrubbing HyperBrush removes the toughest ontaiminants stuck to the pool wall + HyperGrip Rubber Tracks for superior wall climbing
  • For stubborn, stuck-on contaminants, traditional vacuum pool cleaners just don’t cut it. That’s why the engineers at Dolphin added the HyperBrush to the Cayman. Spinning twice as fast as standard pool brushes, the HyperBrush dislodges stubborn contaminants for a deep clean of your pool’s surfaces. Cleaning struggles like cloudy water, algae bloom, and build-up may be due to the fact that your cleaning regimen only treats the symptoms, rather than attacking the source of the problem.
  • With its top-access filter compartment, simply lift the Cayman’s top hatch and grab the cartridge handle for easy and mess-free removal. No more fiddling with cumbersome debris bags.
  • Traditional wheeled robotic pool cleaners struggle with slipping as they clean. A layer of water can get in between the wheels and the pool surface, causing the robot to lose traction. This lost traction is a big blow to efficiency, and adds up in the long run for the pool owner. Dolphin’s engineers hold themselves to the highest standards of efficiency, and this slipping problem just wouldn’t do for the all-new Cayman.
  • SmartNav 2.0 Robotic Scanning - Map and clean your pool with ease

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Dolphin Cayman

Benefits of Dolphin Cayman

Wall Climbing

Enables the cleaner to scale pool walls effortlessly, ensuring thorough cleaning of both the floor and walls for crystal clear pool every time.


Offers a large-capacity MaxBin™, that is over 50% larger than standard Dolphin cartridges, minimizing the need for frequent emptying and maximizing cleaning efficiency during each cycle.

HyperBrush Active Scrubbing

Features an advanced HyperBrush Active Scrubbing system that actively scrubs away stubborn dirt and algae, providing a deeper and more effective clean

Weekly Timer

Allows for convenient scheduling of cleaning sessions, ensuring regular maintenance and consistent pool cleanliness without having to manually start and stop daily.

Dolphin Cayman HyperGrip Tracks

HyperGrip Tracks

Traditional wheeled pool cleaners often slip due to water between the wheels and pool surface, reducing efficiency. Dolphin's engineers, prioritizing efficiency, addressed this issue in the new Cayman model. The Cayman features HyperGrip Rubber Tracks with a special water-optimized tread. This design enhances control, prevents slipping, and ensures efficient cleaning on pool floors and walls.

Advanced Wall Climbing

With its HyperGrip tracks, the Dolphin Cayman can clean the dirtest part of your pool - the wall. With a HyperBrush, the Dolphin Cayman's scrubbing brush spins 2-times faster than standard Dolphin models. By utilizing SmartNav 2.0™ robotic scanning software, the Dolphin Cayman can navigate and clean your pool with ease.

Dolphin Cayman Wall Climbing
Dolphin Cayman Weekly Timer

Weekly Timer

Cayman's Weekly Timer is easy-to-use and helps automate your pool cleaning. Simply select every day, every other day, or every three days, and your Dolphin Cayman will automatically turn on and off to vacuum and clean your swimming pool.

Optional NanoFiltration™

Upgrade the Dolphin Cayman's filtration with optional NanoFilter panels. Cleaning debris that passes through the standard filter, NanoFilters clean deeper. Simply snap them in and you're good to go.

Shop NanoFilter Panels

Dolphin NanoFilters

Read Customer Reviews

Overall Rating: 4.3

Darcey Lukaszka - 5 Stars

The Cayman is AWESOME. The tracks work so much better than wheel or tires in other Bots and the snap filter in the Cayman works flawless.

Christopher Schmidt - 5 Stars

Works like a charm. Very happy. Hand-free clean pool

Douglas K. - 5 Stars

What a great little robot. We gave it a big job and it just keeps working. Very pleased. 50,000 gallon saltwater pool, with 10,000 gallon zero edge overflow tank. We just drop it in both and it cleans everything. Walks up the sidewalls, even crawls up on in pool steps and cleans them.

A.R. - 5 Stars

Cleans our 26k salt water pool with ease, easy to clean filter. Easy to use, and cheaper than the same model at our local pool store. We had a Pentair in pool cleaner that we replaced with this model. This cleaner is much easy to clean, and does a great job picking up various debris from the pool floor, it is able to climb the side walls, and occasionally can make it on to the steps. We usually put it in the pool for about 2hours a couple times a week depending on season, and need.

Bland B. - 5 Stars

Best I have ever owned. Replaced my old polaris.

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