The Most Advanced Pool Filter Ever

Featuring Direct Injection Dual Valves, Dual Diffusers & Proprietary Snowflake Laterals

EcoFilter features many advanced features that work in harmony to reduce backpressure and energy use up to 43%. Traditional sand and DE filters are heavily restricted by multi-port valves, single diffusers and a small lateral area that sends water through a very limited portion of the media bed.

SpectraLight UV Ultraviolet Disenfection System

All New Smart Design

We re-imagined and re-engineered everything about it from the inside out. We then maximized fluidization of the media bed with 100% more diffusers and laterals as found in traditional filters. Originally invented to produce airplane fuselages, filament winding technology delivers a stronger more reliable vessel backed by a best-in-class 5 year warranty.

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