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EcoFilter EF-5 High Efficiency Filter

EcoFilter EF-5 High Efficiency Filter

Meet the World's Most Energy Efficient Pool Filter

EcoFilter was made technically possible by three radical energy-saving technologies that work in harmony to decrease energy use up to 43% over regular pool filters. Traditional sand filters and DE filters are heavily restricted by multi-port valves, single diffusers and small laterals. EcoFilter engineers re-imagined and re-engineered everything about the pool filter from the inside out. The result is a major reduction in backpressure that equates to real world savings reaching thousands of dollars over the life of the filter.

Reduce Energy Use Up To 43% over traditional filters

  • Direct Injection Dual Valves reduce backpressure
  • Dual Hydraulicly Balanced 360 degrees self-cleaning laterals
  • Dual Overhead Diffusers Improves fluidization of the media bed
  • Filters down to 3 microns when loaded with Zeolite
  • 2" inlets and outlets for improved flow (may be adapted to 1.5")
  • FiberTec vessel is stronger and more reliable than steel
  • Oversized 8" Access Clear Visi-Port or easy access and monitoring
  • Self-cleaning backwash cycle reverses flow to thoroughly removes trapped dirt and debris
  • Oversized media bed allows Ecofilter to go 6 months between cleanings
  • 5 year limited warranty

All New Smart Design

To understand the evolution of the swimming pool filters, you have to first look at where we came from. The design found in nearly every traditional pool filter is over 40 years old. First, we replaced the highly restrictive single valve with dual direct injection valves. We then maximized fluidization of the media bed by literally doubling the number of diffusers and laterals as found in traditional filters. The result? Energy consumption decreased by 98 watts at 60 GPM and an incredible 228 watts at 90 GPM.

Engineered for Zeolite

EcoFilter works great with sand but Zeolite really makes EcoFilter shine. A natural mineral formed millions of years ago, Zeolite removes the most difficult to remove contaminants like chloramines. With a filter area 1,000 times greater than sand, Zeolite traps particles as small as 2-3 microns and helps your pool filter go longer between cleanings.

Pool Filters that Require Little and Give a Lot.

EcoFilter was one of the first pool filter manufacturers to pursue efficient technologies - one part of a sustainability strategy. Our line of pool equipment represents the most comprehensive package of innovative technologies currently in production for reducing energy and chemicals. The commitment to sustainability means continuously developing innovative swimming pool filters and systems that bring us closer to our long-term goal of an off the grid, chemical-free pool.

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