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Replacement Lamp 2-Pack

Replacement Lamp 2-Pack

SpectraLight UV Lamps use ultraviolet light to disinfect your pool without all the chemicals—for a cleaner, healthier and easier to manage pool. The UV 2.0 Ultra High Output Lamps deliver four times the power of standard high output lamps and they are rated for 13,000 hours of continuous use.

2-packs replacement lamps are available for all Spectralight models, but SpectraLight models SL-500 and above utilize two lamps. Choose the appropriate set of replacement lamps for your SpectraLight from the dropdown menu.

If you only need a single replacement lamp, click here.

Model (lamp) Wattage For (Unit Model) Price
SL-1080(x2) 40 SL-400 $137
SL-1160(x2) 80 SL-450 $187
SL-2200(x2) 100 SL-500, SL-620 $247
SL-2260(x2) 130 SL-550, SL-650 $267
SL-2300(x2) 150 SL-600, SL-800 $287