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  • Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • Dolphin Sigma Power Supply
  • Dolphin Sigma Waterline Cleaning
  • Dolphin Sigma High Capacity Filters
  • Dolphin Sigma 3 Year Warranty
  • Dolphin Sigma Gyroscope
  • Dolphin Sigma SmartNavigation
  • Dolphin Sigma Dual Filters
  • Dolphin Sigma Quad Scrubbing Brushes
  • Dolphin Sigma Triple Commercial Grade Motors
  • Cleaning Sigma's Filters
  • Dolphin Sigma In Swimming Pool
  • Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Sigma

Condition: New

  • Hassle-free clean. Easy-to-use, robotic pool cleaner equipped with an anti-tangling swivel cable, allowing Sigma to move freely around large residential pools up to 50 feet with ease. Backed by a 3 year quality assurance.
  • No messy bags to clean. Massive top-loading cartridge filters captures and traps fine and ultra-fine debris for an optimal clean swimming pool.
  • Powerful, dual scrubbing brushes thoroughly and efficiently attacks tough contaminants removing algae and bacteria from floor, walls and waterline for a deep clean in 2.5 hours.
  • Just say when. Set Sigma’s weekly scheduler to automatically clean for you- daily, 2x per week, or 3x per week. Connect your Sigma to your smartphone using Bluetooth to spot clean when needed.
  • Smart Navigation. Advanced navigation and scanning software ensures your pool is cleaned using the most efficient route without letting obstacles get in the way.

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Dolphin Sigma

Benefits of Dolphin Sigma

The Most Advanced Robot Ever

Apart of the Dolphin ProLine™, the Dolphin Sigma is the most advanced robotic pool cleaner ever made. With NanoFiltration, Gyroscope, myDolphin Plus app, and more, experience the difference in your pool today.


Equipped with ultra-fine NanoFilters, this cleaner captures even the smallest debris, ensuring crystal clear water and a healthier swimming environment.

Gyroscope + Triple Motors

The combination of a precise gyroscope and triple motors provides unmatched maneuverability and coverage, enabling the cleaner to efficiently navigate and clean every corner of the pool.

myDolphin Plus App

The myDolphin Plus App offers convenient remote control and customization of cleaning schedules, making pool maintenance effortless and adaptable to your lifestyle.

Dolphin Sigma Triple Motors

Triple Commercial Grade Motors

More motors equals more power. With 3 commercial-grade motors, the Dolphin Sigma is Maytronics' most powerful robot yet. Built on the commercial platform, the Sigma is a pool cleaning beast. With Quad-Scrubbing Brushes, the Sigma vacuums and filters over 4500 GPH.


With the included Dolphin NanoFilters, the Dolphin Sigma can clean small debris that passes through the plastic-mesh filters found on most pool robots. Exclusive to the Dolphin ProLine and Dolphin Max-Series, these filters act as a secondary pool filter and help keep your water crystal clear.

Dolphin Premier NanoFilters
Dolphin Sigma Gyroscope

Gyroscope Power

Another Dolphin First. Using gyroscopic sensors, the Sigma can intelligently navigate your pool using SmartNav 3.0™ scanning software. Via an onboard microprocessor, the Dolphin Sigma recieves these signals from the gyroscope - enabling a deeper clean than any other pool robot.

Clean from Anywhere.

With the Dolphin Sigma's power supply, you can connect and clean from anywhere. By setting it up on your home Wi-Fi, the Sigma can be controlled remotely from across the world. With advanced stats, remote control, and more, the Dolphin Sigma's app boast more features and more control.

Dolphin Sigma Power Supply

Read Customer Reviews

Overall Rating: 4.8

Brian Bertha - 5 Stars

I have the sigma (previously owned s300i) cleans great better than my old one. Was getting stuck on drains I called factory. I had to ship it to them (they paid for the return) the added a middle brush fixed the problem Shipping wasnt cheap but it was worth it

Beverly R - 5 Stars

We have been unground pool owners for years so when I found this pool cleaner I was hopeful. This is the BEST pool cleaner we have ever had. So easy to use. There pool is so clean! You don't need to attach to the pool filter in any way. We just drop it in the pool and push start. I would highly recommend this cleaner. It's worth every penny

mike scott - 5 Stars


Eric F - 5 Stars

Bought this last season, and am extremely impressed. Came from a Tigershark, which did an OK job, but would get stuck too often in my pool. The Sigma has yet to get stuck once all last season and after about 10 uses this season. Powerful pumps, ripples the top of the water from 10 feet deep. Quick cleaning. Bluetooth is hard to use for spot cleaning, I just don't bother with it. It cleans my 20x40 foot pool in about 2.5 hours, no need to spot clean after. If it lasts another 2 seasons, I will consider it one of my best purchases for pool cleaning. Have not felt the need to manually vaccuum since I bought it. Highly recommend.

Glenn - 5 Stars

Great. Does not get hung up... Does a great job.

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