Must-Have Summer Accessory: The Pool Canopy

A swimming pool canopy is a great accessory to own that helps shade swimmer's from the heat while in the water.

A pool canopy is a great accessory to own that helps shade swimmer’s from the heat while in the water.

For those hot, almost unbearable sunny days, a pool canopy is a great accessory to have. A canopy doesn’t have to be just for cabanas or lounge areas, you can install them so they shade part or all of your swimming pool water. They can make swimming much more enjoyable with cooler water, and they create a haven from the blistering sun.

Pool canopies are generally made from heavy canvas that won’t wear and tear from wind, rain or other environmental hazards. The heavy duty material is a good thing, to keep it from blowing away during high winds and to provide ample shade from the sun. Keep in mind that the pool canopy should be disassembled and stored over the winter.

Depending on the size and shape, a pool canopy will vary in installation time. The frame is generally put together first, with the canopy cover hung in place once the frame is installed. They come in all different types of shapes, sizes and colors, so you can choose a canopy that fits your style and budget.

When it’s time to install the canopy, simply follow the instruction manual. Allow for half a day for set up and installation. Installation usually requires an extra pair of hands, so grab a neighbor or family member for assistance.

The pool canopy can be installed the first day you open your pool, or during the height of summer. Installing it when you open your pool is recommended, so you can get everything finished at once and start enjoying your swimming pool again. You also avoid working in extreme heat. You can keep the canopy in place all summer long until its time to close your pool for winter.

If a heavy storm is approaching over the summer, you’ll want to take down the canopy cover to avoid damage or an accident. And everyone should still wear sunscreen while swimming in the pool.

As previously mentioned, the canopy can cover part of your pool, or shade the entire area. You can even opt for custom designs that fit unusually shaped pools. Of course standard designs are less expensive, but they are still available in multiple colors to fit different styles. And it’s always recommended to choose heavy canvas for the canopy fabric, to give your pool canopy a long lifespan and protect against rips and tears.

A canopy cover will also slightly help with water evaporation, since your water isn’t constantly exposed to the sun. And it’s not just water that’s evaporating, it is chemicals too. That means you won’t have to keep constantly adding in chemicals and balancing your water during the summer season.

Of course an ultraviolet disinfection system means you won’t need as many chemicals in your water, since it lessens chemical demand up to 90 percent. But these elements can work together to deliver cooler, healthier pool water that won’t require constant testing or refilling. You’ll save water, save chemical use, and reduce maintenance time overall.

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