How to Increase Your Pool Privacy

Pool Privacy

You can increase your backyard pool’s privacy with fences or outdoor landscaping.

You spend a lot of time relaxing poolside, but you may not want the entire neighborhood or passing drivers to be able to see into your backyard. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of pool privacy techniques you can use for a more secluded environment.

Pool Privacy Fences
Not only are privacy fences a great way to make your yard more secluded, they also act as a safety feature. Even if you don’t have children, but there are kids in the neighborhood, a fence is the surest way to prevent an unwanted accident. Make sure to check with the Homeowner’s Association for rules and regulations about the type of privacy fence you can install. You can even add an alarm that will sound if the gate is opened. They can act as a nice addition to your backyard, and are made from different materials like wood, metal or lattice work.

Retaining Walls
Retaining walls act much like a privacy fence, only made of sturdier materials like stone or brick. This is a better option for homeowner’s who live in a region with extreme weather. You can even grow ivy or other vines to provide more privacy and an added landscaping feature in your backyard.

Outdoor Greenery
Moving forward with landscaping, adding in greenery or shrubs is a great way to create extra privacy while improving your backyard pool’s aesthetic. They’re also a cost effective choice and won’t require much construction. If you live in warmer regions, consider palm trees or other flora that resemble a scenic ocean few. Make sure to choose plants that can withstand your area’s weather and seasons.

Cabanas or Pergolas
Cabanas are the perfect retreat after taking a dip, and act equally as well as a pool privacy mechanism. You still have the benefit of lounging outside, except covered and under the shade. There are several different styles to choose from, and vary in more coverage to less depending on your needs. A pergola is the same concept, but is slightly more open. You can plant vines and other wall-climbing plants around the supports that will grow and provide more coverage and act as added landscaping.

Pool Patios
If you don’t mind the extra construction and want to really amp up your pool privacy, consider a patio or even a pool house. With lots of windows and ample lighting, you can experience the outdoors and a great view of your backyard pool without actually being in it. Patios offer even more than privacy, and allow an extra entertaining space for guests and backyard parties.

You may not realize it until long after the pool’s constructed, but extra pool privacy in your backyard is a quality most homeowners want. Just be sure to check with your community and city regulations before beginning major construction on a cabana or a pool house. And before you know it, you can relax outdoors without worrying about the rest of the neighborhood.

What are your ideas for pool privacy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!