Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

Hot tub hydrotherapy is a great way to relieve arthritis, muscle and joint pain, and other ailments.

Hot tub hydrotherapy is a great way to relieve arthritis, muscle and joint pain, and other ailments.

According to the American Cancer Society, hydrotherapy is defined as the use of water as a medical treatment, either internally or externally. Although there’s no correlation with preventing or treating cancer, hydrotherapy does have direct benefits on muscle and joint pain. So if you’re a hot tub owner, you’re in serious luck for curing aching joints and even de-stressing your mind.

Hot tub hydrotherapy can be used to treat arthritis, fibromyalgia and even high blood pressure. Warm water and jets stimulate blood circulation and helps the body release endorphins that boost your mood and lead to a calm, happy feeling.

Better circulation combined with endorphins encourages a strengthened immune system and decreased inflammation. If you frequent a hot tub, you’ve noticed that your body temperature increases. Doctors recommend only 20 minute sessions of hot tub hydrotherapy, but it doesn’t take long to experience the benefits of warm water and a relaxing soak.

After just fifteen minutes of hydrotherapy, your blood flow and circulation has improved in the outer extremities including the hands and feet. The buoyancy of the water helps the muscles to relax, while the tissues become more malleable and accepting toward stretches. Within twenty minutes, pressure is released from the joints and you’ll notice aches and pains begin to subside.

Exercise is imperative to lessen the effects of arthritis. Exercise helps reduce pain, keep joints moving and increases flexibility. According to the Mayo Clinic, warm water specifically helps improve joint function and reduce pain from arthritis. Warm water helps relieve pain and stiffness, while the water’s buoyancy lessens strain on joints while building muscle strength.

To fully reap the benefits of hydrotherapy, it’s important to choose a hot tub system that suits your needs. An easy-to-read control panel that allows precise temperature and jet control is ideal, since the jets can be adjusted to control the intensity of a massage. For the best results, a temperature between 102 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit will help relieve tension, back pain, arthritis and muscle spasms. However, the elderly and very young should not sit for more than fifteen minutes in water that exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Before purchasing a hot tub for hydrotherapy, take into account jet placement. In general, jets are positioned at the back, shoulders and legs, but there’s a wide range of options and models to fit your needs. You can even choose a model with interchangeable jetted seat backs to choose specific jet configurations.

Once you’ve chosen your model, it’s important to choose the correct sanitation system. Warm water is beneficial for pain relief, but it can be a breeding ground for algae and bacteria. To make sure you’re undergoing hydrotherapy sessions in the cleanest, safest water possible, choose an ultraviolet disinfection system to manage your water. Just set it and forget it, so you can get back to relieving aching joints and muscles.

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